Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Advantages of Hybrid Advertisements

The option of explorative advertisements allows for conventional problems of advertising to be remedied. These problems include advertising wear out, inaccurate demographic targeting, and millions of wasted resources. Advertising wearout is a result of consumers being bombarded with too many advertisements, thus their persuasive messages being ineffective (Marketing Power). Although the internet encourages even more advertising, it is conducive to segmented marketing, where producers can target demographics and certain specific groups by the websites and areas they decide to advertise on. Due to this highly selective advertising avenue, consumers are more responsive to this type of persuasive message. Consumers are more responsive and are more likely to tolerate more advertising of industries that they are interested in and attract their attention. For example, a consumer who is on a golf website, is more likely to pay attention to an ad about golf equipment more so than generalized ad, such as household cleaners or cars. This specialized advertising removes the clutter of irrelevant advertising and allows for more attention for directed ads.

Affects of New Media Advertising

There is a bridged culture on the internet of experts and amateur commentators; this affects the way that internet advertising is received. Due to the nature and structure of this bridged culture on the internet, there is a lot more room for public discourse about brands' images. As an example, Nike's campaign slogan, “Just Do it” has been around since 1988, this “can do” attitude has lead Nike's image for decades and has become one of the most successful campaigns in the history of marketing (CFAR 1). It was not until the inception of the internet that the public discourse and openness of this companies slogan was attacked. Due to the issues with worker's rights in Nike's production countries, this advertising campaign has been the subject of many parodies including slogans like “Just Don't Do it.” This type of aggregate uprising is only available because of the accessibility of the internet's public discourse.


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